Provincial Powerfit Day Invite

Provincial PowerFit Day Invite

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The Phys. Ed departments at Jacob Hespeler Secondary School and Westmount Secondary School want to provide every student and teacher in the province of Ontario the opportunity to participate in a FREE Virtual PowerFit Day on Friday May 7th! We hope this will provide you with some great new ideas and positive ENERGY! The presenters will have pre recorded fitness and instructional videos that you can view for the first time on Friday May 7. It is our hope to have several thousand people following on this day. After May 7, the videos will be available on YouTube and will always be available for you and your classes to access in the future. We hope you will participate on Friday May 7th with your classes at school or create an at home learning assignment based on the different fitness presentations. We are hoping to reach a large number of students and teachers across Ontario and focus on our physical and mental well being – especially during this time!


“Our goal is to run a Free, Inclusive, Minimalist Activity Day that both students and teachers will benefit from.”

The Following Presenters and Topics are confirmed – No Equipment Needed!

Lee Boyce – Mobility

Brad Corcoran – Exercise Snacks

Melissa Douldron – Breathing

Alena Luciani – Body Weight

Dianna Moulden – Injury Prevention and Recovery

Jerry Teixeira – Body Weight Strength – Posterior Chain

Syd Vanderpool – Boxing

Jeff Watson – Rotational Movement

We will conclude the day with a roundtable discussion. Students and teachers can ask questions of these experts.

Registration Link:

We will send you the Virtual PowerFit Day video link closer to May 7th. Only one teacher will have to sign up per school in order to get the video link. When you register, your school will have a chance to win some amazing prizes from one of our great sponsors! I.e. $500 gift card from HomeFit.