Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Congratulations to Paul Hussey on a great championship! Here are the results.

Team – 1st Place – Gold Medal

ST. Teresa’s S.S.

-Aaron Meehan (also won gold in a playoff for low score) 75

-Brayden Badgely (won silver for low male)75

-Ethan Johnson 78

-Curtis Meehan 80

Team – 2nd Place – Silver Medal

St. Mary’s S.S.

-Johnny O’Rourke 78

-Mark Clarey  79

-Karsen Gunter 78

-Alexi Fillion 80

Individuals – not being represented by teams

-Cameron Corbett (LCVI) 76

-Matt Wake (Adam Scott) 76

-Tanner Big Canoe (I.E. Weldon) 78

Girls – that broke the 110 score

Gold Medalist: Rachel Jackson (CCI) 83 – 1st place tie after 18 holes – 1st in retro

Gold Mealist: Annie Piggott (I.E. Weldon) 83 – 1st place tie after 18 holes

-Heidi Bruins (St. Teresa’s S.S.) 94

-Trisa Johnson (Crestwood) 100